Bona Vista Programs, Inc. is committed to improve the quality of life for the children and adults enrolled in our services. We are focused on identifying and implementing the best practices in the care and treatment we provide with a focus on finding positive options for the children and adults we serve. All staff members are committed and dedicated to the highest continuum of care for all persons served.


Community Based Organizations are the gateway to families who are seeking support and services for a child or adult. Bona Vista Programs Inc. is the vehicle for families to find appropriate, individually based services that meet the needs of each child and adult. Services are always designed around the specific needs of the individual.Bona Vista knows the importance of centering services around the child or adult and that comes from decades of experience, Bona Vista first opened its doors in 1958! Bona Vista started as a parent supported organization and those roots have never been forgotten. Today Bona Vista serves over 2,000 individuals every single day through our 14 core programs. Though our growth has been remarkable, our dedication to those we serve remains constant.


We build the foundation of success for children and adults, regardless of abilities, through encouragement, independence and inclusion in reaching their maximum potential.

Our Dedicated Team