Full Day Preschool for 3 year old classroom

Three year old classes are offered Monday through Friday from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. This class teaches fundamental Language and Literacy skills, cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills and social skills.

This licensed child care center classroom is accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Lead Teacher Amber VisserAmber Visser, Lead Teacher:

I studied elementary education in college, and worked as a teacher’s assistant in an elementary school for 2 years before coming to Bona Vista Programs!

Fun Fact about Amber: I love science, especially space and astronomy. Watching the eclipse was amazing. I love Bona Vista Keys for Kids becuase it has a great team of people to work with and an awesome group of kids.

Jade Carlile, Preschool Assistant:Jade

I graduated from The Excel Center with my Core 40 which also offered an Early Childhood Education Class. Out of the entire class I was the only one to move on to pass the Early Childhood qualifications to get their certification in the department. I also took a semester of Early Childhood Education at Ivy Tech. I am currently still exploring ways to further my education in this field as I am very passionate about teaching young children.

I’ve been passionate about children ever since I was a child myself, I’d always watch how my mother and the other adults around me would care for them and attempt to help. What I’d like to accomplish while being a teacher is to help start the foundations of emotional intelligence in children. I believe that is the foundation to self-confidence and self-worth. It also adds with it however, a generation who will be able to accept other people’s differences and emotions.

That’s part of why I like working at Bona Vista not only because we serve a diverse group of people, but because of the way each of us here are able to celebrate our own diversity and share in learning and celebrating the diversity of those that we serve.
Most importantly I hope that I can make even one child feel valued, important, and supported.

Michelle Nicholson

Michelle Nicholson, Early Childhood Substitute:

I am originally from Chicago, Illinois. I studied Elementary Education at Prairie State college, received a scholarship and continued my education at Harrison College.

I have worked in countless daycare centers and homes. So I have plenty of experience with children from all types of backgrounds. Not to mention I, myself am also the mother of three girls. I treat each child like they were my own.