About the Family Supports Waiver

The Medicaid Home- and Community-Based Services Waiver program provides person-centered individualized supports that assist children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live successfully in their home and community. The Family Supports Waiver is one of two of the Indiana Medicaid Home- and Community-Based Services administered by the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services.

Am I eligible?

To qualify for the Family Support Waiver, a you must have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability, developmental disability or related condition with an onset prior to the age of 22 years and the condition must be expected to continue indefinitely. Additionally, you must meet Level of Care. This means that the child or adult has substantial functional limitations in at least three of six major life areas: self-care, learning, self-direction, capacity for independent living, understanding and use of language, and mobility. You must also meet the requirements of eligibility for a compatible Medicaid category. If you are under the age of 18 years, household income eligibility requirements for Medicaid are not considered and only the income/assets of the child is taken into consideration. If the individual/family is requesting Medicaid coverage for the 90 days prior to the Medicaid application date, then household income eligibility requirements are taken into consideration. If you are age 18 years and above, you must apply and be found eligible for benefits from the Social Security Administration.

What types of services does the Family Support Waiver provide?

The Family Support Waiver offers a range of services that are chosen based upon person centered principles and are to be delivered in the home and community settings by an approved Medicaid provider. The current maximum budget is $17,300 per person, per year. Current services include:

Adult Day Services
Behavioral Support Services
Case Management
C ommunity-Based Habilitation – Group
C ommunity-Based Habilitation – Individual
Extended Services

F acility-Based Habilitation – Group
F acility-Based Habilitation – Individual
Facility-Based Support Services
Family and Caregiver Training
Intensive Behavioral Intervention
Music Therapy

Occupational Therapy
Participant Assistance and Care
Personal Emergency Response System
Physical Therapy
Psychological Therapy
Prevocational Services

Recreational Therapy
Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies
Speech/Language Therapy
Workplace Assistance

Is there a wait list?

It is the policy of the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services that individuals may be placed on a single statewide wait list after applying for waiver services and meeting Level of Care criteria. Individuals will be targeted in the order they applied for services, from the oldest date of application to the newest.

You and your guardians are responsible for ensuring that personal contact information is kept up to date with your local BDDS offce. You and your family can review and update your contact information and waiver application dates by visiting the BDDS Wait list Web Portal at http://www.in.gov/fssa/ddrs/4328.htm or by contacting your local BDDS district offce.

What is Priority Criteria?

Priority criteria allows the following individuals to obtain the Family Support Waiver without being placed on the wait list:

  • Adults ages 18 through 24 who have aged out of, graduated from or have permanently separated from their school setting
  • Dependents of military active duty members and veterans

How do I apply?

You or your guardian may apply for the Family Support Waiver by contacting your local Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services office for an application packet. Applications can also be printed at http://www.in.gov/fssa/ddrs/3349.htm. Forms needed as part of the application are the Application for Developmental Disabilities Services (State Form 55068) and Confirmation of
Diagnosis (State Form 54727). Applications may be submitted by mail, fax or in person to the local BDDS offce. To find your local office, you may call 800-545-7763 or visit http://www.in.gov/fssa/ddrs/4088.htm. The Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services staff are available to answer your questions.

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