BEST STORY OF THE DAY. Miss Judy noticed that my daughter's snack spelled hot, and she said that she is pretty hot stuff for a three year old. Simple, I know, BUT this is why I LOVE BONA VISTA!!!!!!

- Chad M.

It has been my pleasure to work with WorkForce Diversity. They put a lot of heart into their job and take pride in what they're doing and getting clients to succeed. We are currently extending the program to other Walgreen's here in town and hope to continue working with WorkForce Diversity on a regular basis.

- Brian P

Staff interaction with the residents is great.

- Karen M

The environment at Community Connections is positive. They find ways for my son and all the consumers to use their abilities to their full potential and create opportunities for them to be successful.

- Sherry O

Bona Vista gave me the confidence to start working.

- Katie M