Caregiver Support is a service that can provide short-term relief for the primary caregiver.

Relief can be for a few hours to a weekend stay through caregiver support. The individual does not have to be on the Medicaid Waiver for these services. The individual can range from 3 years of age and older. These services are provided in the individual’s home.

The chosen staff member can do the following activities:

  • Assist with toileting and feeding
  • Assist with daily living skills; including assistance with accessing the community and community activities.
  • Assist with grooming and personal hygiene.
  • Assist with meal preparation, serving, and clean up.
  • Medication administration

If interested in these services you must apply online for more information go to the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services web site.

The budget is approved on a first come first serve basis. The caregiver is given a budget of $500.00 per request. You may continue to apply for a new budget throughout the year.

Please call Brandi Vawter at 765-454-5344 ext. 287 for questions or additional information.

Head Start Programming at Bona Vista