Positive Results for Kids provides personalized therapy for infants, toddlers and preschoolers in our outpatient therapy center or in the home.


Our licensed physicaloccupational and speech therapists work in collaboration to provide the best possible care.


We offer free developmental screenings three times a year with an OT, PT, speech therapist and nursing to check vision.


We are now offering Free Developmental Screening We Care Wednesdays from 8 AM – 9 AM (this screening does not include vision or speech).


As a First Steps provider, our developmental therapists are committed to our community, parents, and, of course, children.


Our therapists can help parents in an understanding of a wide variety of topics, such as developmental delays, gross motor delays, sensory integration, feeding intervention, autism disorders, and delays as a result of premature birth.

For information about our services, call 765-454-5340.