About Caregiver Support Services

What are Caregiver Support Services?

The Caregiver Support Services provides temporary assistance for families caring for eligible children
and adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities who are residing with the family or legal
guardian. This service allows caregivers to take a break from their caregiving duties while a qualified
trained caregiver cares for their loved one.

Fast facts

  • There are limited funds available per
    fiscal year. These funds for caregiver
    supports are available on a first-come,
    first-served basis.
  • The trained caregiver may be a family
    member but may NOT be the parent,
    spouse or primary caregiver of the
    individual. The family member also may
    NOT live in the home with the individual
    receiving supports. The family member
    will have to be hired by an approved
    provider and follow all of their employment
  • Caregiver supports may NOT be used
    while the primary caregiver is at work.
  • The trained caregiver can only work for 12
    consecutive hours and may NOT sleep.
  • There are no age limits to be eligible for
  • The individual does NOT have to apply for
    waiver services, although it is strongly
  • The individual does NOT have to apply for
    Medicaid, although it is recommended.
  • The application for caregiver supports
    must be completed annually.
  • Caregiver Support Services will not be
    available if the child or adult is receiving or
    begins to receive services from any other
    state or Medicaid-funded program, such as
    a Home- and Community- Based Waiver.
  • Frequently Asked Questions and
    Answers can be found at https://www.in.gov/fssa/.

How do I apply?

Applications for Caregiver Support Services may be made online, by mail or in person. To apply
online, please click visit https://ddrsprovider.fssa.in.gov/BDDS/ConsumerInfo/.

To apply by mail or in person, please call or visit your local BDDS District office and request an
application. To find your local office, you may call 800-545-7763 or visit http://www.in.gov/fssa/ddrs/4088.htm.


The Division of Disability and Rehabilitation Services Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services recognizes the challenges individuals and families face and value a person’s right to live, love, work, play and pursue their dreams in their community.

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