Supported Living is an alternative to institutional care and offers family oriented services for eligible adults and children with developmental delays as well as mental, physical, or emotional challenges.


Bona Vista employees bring a smooth transitionOur staff assists these individuals to become as independent as possible. Many, in fact, live in their own home. Our highly trained direct care staff meets the mandatory qualifications for Indiana.

They are flexible, respectful, creative, and promote the unique identity of each individual and family served. In addition, the Supported Living program also employs a Director, Assistant Director, Waiver Quality Assurance Coordinator, 3 QIDPs, 3 Staff Supervisors, a Clerical Assistant, and a Financial Eligibility Specialist to provide support for persons served.


We assist individuals with:

  • Personal budgeting and banking, including the use of checking and savings accounts and bill paying
  • Finding low cost affordable housing
  • Behavioral support plans and behavior management and intervention
  • Wellness coordination
  • Leisure activities and community access
  • Transportation to appointments, employment, running errands, shopping and other community outings
  • Household care and chores in maintaining a clean and safe home environment
  • Grocery shopping, menu planning and meal preparation
  • Safety skills and social and emotional support
  • Fine and Gross motor skills
  • Acquisition, improvement and retention of life skills, including personal hygiene and clothing care
  • Medical needs and medication administration and/or self-administration of medications
  • Respite services


Based on a person’s needs, Supported Living Services can be provided for as little as four hours per month to 24 hours per day. Services are provided in an individual’s home setting and in the community.

Utilizing Supported Living Services through Bona Vista Programs will help individuals gain more:

  • Stability in their lives
  • Foster greater independence
  • Flexibility of lifestyle
  • Personalized environment
  • Individual empowerment
  • Quality assurance
  • Privacy, respect and dignity
  • Community acceptance
  • Enhanced social relationships


An individual’s services are funded through the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services (B.D.D.S.) and the Community Integrations and Habilitation Waiver. The phone number for B.D.D.S. is 574-232-1412. If you do not currently have a waiver for services, please contact B.D.D.S. and they will assist you in completing the waiver application. Private pay services are also available.

If you are interested in Bona Vista’s Supported Living Services, please contact the Waiver Quality Assurance Coordinator of Supported Living at 765-860-2296.