Sky’s the Limit is an innovative adult day program alternative; a program that offers a select number of classes that our adult individuals will partake in to provide a meaningful day.


The goal is to continue to increase our possibilities as we learn more of what each individual in the Sky’s the Limit program would like to do each day to succeed.


  • A day in Sky’s the Limit starts with coffee club in the morning to get acquainted with one another.
  • Sky’s the Limit has morning sessions with one class, a break in between and an
    interactive lunch.
  • The afternoon session includes two more classes with another break in between.


We offer a variety of classes focused on current events, relationships, cooking and many more creative topics.


Each individual has separate goals which may include focusing on a task, answering questions, developing fine motor skills, implementing healthy lifestyles and practicing social skills. We also invite community organizations to spend time with us.


We have invited in to our classes the Howard County Kitten Rescue, Kokomo Police Department, Howard County Recycle District, the War Dog Association and more! Adults work individually and in small groups as they work through a meaningful day! We are so excited to offer Sky’s the Limit classes to offer a new and exciting way to learn.


If you are interested in Sky’s the Limit Services, please contact the manager at 765-454-5344.