I want to receive waiver services, how do I get started?

I have turned in my application, now what happens?

  • An Intake Specialist from your local BDDS office will contact you to complete the assessment for a preliminary Level of Care (LOC), using the information and documents you provide. This part of the process determines Developmental Disability (DD) eligibility and preliminary LOC.

I meet Level of Care requirements, what is next?

  • After the application process is complete and LOC is determined, you will be placed on the waiting list for Family Supports Waiver services.
  • While you are waiting for an open slot, you may:
  • Contact your local BDDS office immediately if there are any changes in an address or telephone number. Also, contact the office annually or use the BDDS’ Waitlist Portal to ensure BDDS has your correct and most current contact information.

When will I begin waiver services?

  • DDRS will mail you a targeting letter when a waiver slot is available.
  • Once you have confirmed that you still want to receive services, an Intake Specialist will contact you and complete a current LOC. If you do not currently meet LOC, you will not be able to utilize the available waiver slot.
  • If Medicaid eligibility was previously denied, you will need to take your targeting letter to your local Division of Family Resources to reapply.