Bona Vista's Let's Glow 80's Crazy!

Bona Vista’s Let’s Glow 80’s Crazy Guest of Honor Registration Form

The Bona Vista Let’s Glow 80’s Crazy is for those with special needs 16 years of age or older. Come, rewind and unwind at an 80’s themed dance with some special friends!

The event admission will be $5 for each guest of honor at the event entry doors.

  • Every guest is required to have their own registration.

    PLEASE NOTE: Every guest will have a Peer Buddy Volunteer for the night of the event. Depending on the Guests needs, this Peer Buddy is there to serve the guest in any way they can. Whether that's just taking some pictures for them and staying out of the way, or more proactively engaging in the evening. Guests must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Guest Information

  • Parent/Caretaker information

  • Care Provider Agency - If Applicable