Finding quality child care can be a daunting task.


Whether you need full or part time help, whether that care is for an infant, toddler or a school-age child, we can help. Our referral service is free and confidential and the information gathered will not be sold to any other agency for any purpose. Please note that referrals are not recommendations and it is ultimately the parent’s responsibility to choose the best child care for his or her children.

If you or someone you know is in need of a referral for child care in Spanish, please call Child Care Aware at 1-866-865-7056 and speak with Vicky Cuenca.


Si usted o alguien que usted sabe está necesitando una remisión para el cuidado de niño en español, llama por favor la en 1-866-865-7056 y habla con Vicky Cuenca.

To get started, call 765-452-8870 or 800-493-3231 and talk to one of our referral specialists. Fill out our secured on-line referral form to request referrals. Find child care now – click on the following link: Child Care Aware

Child Care Solutions’ facility is located at:
123 North Buckeye
Kokomo, Indiana 46901
Phone: (765) 452-8870
Toll-free: (800) 493-3231
Fax: (765) 868-4699

Please note that some child care sites choose to implement policies that are not required by the State of Indiana. In addition, some child care sites may exceed regulation standards as an indicator of high quality child care.

What is Accreditation?

Accredited homes and centers voluntarily measure up to national standards of quality that have been established by national child care organizations.Programs that are accredited have gone beyond minimum licensing standards and have made a commitment to provide the kind of care, attention, and stimulating activities that you and your children require.The following organizations are recognized accreditation bodies: Council on Accreditation (COA), National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC), National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) and the Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children (IAEYC) can assist programs seeking accreditation.

Caregivers in many accredited programs take part in on-going child development training. Trained caregivers are more likely to understand children’s needs at different ages, plan appropriate activities, and interact with children in warm and stimulating ways. They are also more likely to provide positive guidance for children, rather than harsh discipline.

Parents who use accredited programs are very happy with them! These programs undergo in-depth self-assessments, independent observation and approval by professional experts. Our referral service is free and confidential. The information gathered from parents will remain confidential and will not be sold to any other agency for any purpose. Please note that referrals do not represent recommendations and that it is the parent’s responsibility to determine if the referrals given will be the best situations for his or her family.

We support parents in their quest for quality child care. If at any time you would like more information regarding available options or questions to ask potential child care providers for your child, please feel free to call us!

Types of Child Care: Licensed Center, Licensed Child Care Home, Unlicensed Registered Ministry, Certified Unlicensed Child Care Development Fund Provider, Unlicensed/Unregulated Home, Unlicensed/Unregulated Relative Care, Unlicensed/Unregulated Preschool, Licensed Center – site location is housed in a commercial building. Licensed Centers must meet licensing regulations for centers in the state of Indiana, Licensed Child Care Home – site location is housed in a residential home. Licensed Homes must meet licensing regulations for licensed homes in the state of Indiana., Unlicensed Registered Ministry – site location may be located in a church or a church affiliated building. Unlicensed Child Care Ministries must meet ministry regulations in the state of Indiana., Certified Unlicensed Child Care Development Fund Provider – site location may be located in a home, church or commercial building. Must meet 16 Provider Eligibility Standards as required by the state of Indiana. Once certified, site may accept the Child Care Development Fund Vouchers., Unlicensed/Unregulated Home – not licensed or regulated with the state of Indiana., Unlicensed/Unregulated Relative Care – not licensed or regulated with the state of Indiana., Unlicensed/Unregulated Preschool – not licensed or regulated with the state of Indiana.

Indiana Code (IC) 12-17.2 establishes the authority for Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Family Resources to regulate child care in the State. It also authorizes the division to adopt rules to implement the federal Child Care and Development Fund voucher program administered by the Division of Family Resources, Bureau of Child Care for the State. For more information on Laws, Rules and Policies regarding these types of child care visit the Care Finder Page here.

Do you need information on community resources in your area?

Call our office for information on GED classes, CPR and First Aid training, Healthy Families, child care subsidies, Child Protective Services hotline numbers, and much, much more!Are you looking for in-depth information on child-related issues?

Join us to learn more about children’s development! This year’s workshop topics include infant and toddler care, activities for your preschooler, guiding young children’s behavior, the child who bites, and lots more. Call our office for more details on workshop dates and times or check out the early childhood meeting place.

Are you looking for ways to pay for child care?

You may qualify for the Child Care Development Fund vouchers. To determine if you are eligible, contact the following:
Fulton County – Brightpoint (800) 589-2264
Howard, Miami and Tipton Counties – Children’s Bureau, Inc. (866) 287-2420
Adams, Blackford, Grant, Huntington, Jay, Wabash and Wells Counties – Children’s Bureau, Inc. (866) 800-8115

Earn Income Tax Credit – Claim your child care expenses on your tax return. Call Bona Vista’s Child Care Solutions Referral Specialist to request a form.

More Than One Child Discount – ask the child care provider if they offer a more than one child discount.

Head Start – program for children ages 3-5 which provides early childhood education, social, medical, dental, nutritional and mental health services to enrolled children who meet income guidelines. Visit Family & Social Services Administration, Indiana Head Start for more information.

Would you like to become more involved?

We know best what children need. And there are 65 million of us with children under 18 living at home. Together, we represent one-third of the electorate. Yet, for too long our voices have not been heard in the national policy debates that affect children and families. Join Parent Central and get connected to information and resources, and become part of a growing network of concerned parents. If you have a child under age 8, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Sign up to receive Parent Central Express, the monthly newsletter chock full of tips for parents, activities, and ways to get connected in your community. You can also sign up for age-specific and topic-specific information, and sign up to be alerted about opportunities to voice your concerns to decision-makers. Click here to learn more about Parent Central or to sign up today.

Complaint Policy

It is our mission to provide parents with options that meet a variety of child care needs. However, Bona Vista Child Care Solutions reserves the right to suspend and/or to remove providers from our database who practice unlawful discrimination, who are not complying with state regulations, or who are under investigation for non-compliance. If you have concerns about any of the child care providers in Adams, Blackford, Grant, Howard, Huntington, Jay, Miami, Tipton, Wabash, or Wells counties in Indiana, we recommend that you contact us immediately. If you have a complaint about our service, contact Michelle Kanable, Program Director, Bona Vista’s Child Care Solutions at 765-452-8870 or 800-493-3231.

If you have concerns about a provider exempt from licensure, a licensed home child care provider, a licensed child care center, a registered ministry, or the Child Care Resource and Referral services you received, please contact:

Child care provider:
Michelle Kanable, Program Director, Bona Vista’s Child Care Solutions (765)452-8870 or (800)493-3231

Licensed home child care provider:
Adams, Blackford, Huntington, Jay and Wells Counties – Jason Maze (260) 241-7365
Fulton, Grant, Howard, Miami, Tipton and Wabash Counties – Vicki Allen (317) 519-0803

Licensed child care centers and Registered ministries:
Blackford, Grant and Wells Counties – Evonne Amaya (260) 415-6856
Fulton, Huntington, Miami and Wabash Counties – Amanda Guzman (574) 347-5018
Howard County – Matt Dallman (219) 742-5465
Tipton County – Christi Dolezal (765) 431-2286
Adams and Jay Counties – Annette Jones (260) 415-6168

Referral services:
Child Care Aware – (800) 299-1627